Living in Peace & Hope for the Future

Homo sapiens need a safe, secure, quality of life in which to prosper. People, humans, who have all the basics needs met, as in secure sources of food and drinking water, and a suitable dwelling , a territory in which  they feel secure, an area where life is relaxed, they will prosper and not be aggressive.
Conversely, those who live under stress with a poor quality of life, under conditions of insecurity, will more often than not be inclined to engage in conflict with their neighbors. Conflict driven by the need to accumulate sufficient resources for their survival.
Stress inducing factors in today’s world range from anthropomorphic climate change causing conditions of drought or massive flooding destroying homes, crops and livestock, to rising sea levels and reduced sea food catch leading to food insecurity.
When one compares what our quality of life has  become in the last thousand years, to what it was previously, when all the planet’s land was global commons, when we were free to hunt and gather and follow the great herds and the yearly crops produced by the multi-generational food forests.  When our ancestors had unimaginably good food security, with a high quality lifestyle,  their culture flourished relatively peacefully.
I am a Peace Scholar, I hold a Masters degree in Peace and Conflict from the University of Bradford,a one of seven universities offering degree programs in Peace and Conflict Resolution chosen by Rotary International. 
I also studied with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, as well at the International Human Right Academy at the University of Utrecht.
 All of the above keep the need for discussions around Peace Making in the forefront of my mind, given that conflict can be triggered by so many issues.
The Global Peace Dialogue is an initiative to ramp up the dialogue globally, using video Padcasts to host discussions with Academics, Heads of State, Diplomats, Scientists and Policy Makers from around the world. 
These discussions will take place online on our YouTube Channel  and Dialogue’s will start in approximately two weeks.

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