The Virtual Island Summit Report

The 2020 edition of the Virtual Island Summit focused on the theme, ‘Sharing knowledge for resilient, sustainable and prosperous islands worldwide’. The free and entirely online event connected global islands to share their common experiences, ideas, solutions and good practices through a digital platform.
With over 10,000 registrations and over 100,000 sessions views across all platforms, the Virtual Island Summit is one of, if not the biggest online event for sustainable development in the world. Representatives from over 500 islands participated from places as diverse as the Caribbean, Pacific, Arctic, Patagonia, Europe, Asia, the Indian Ocean and beyond. Attendees were from a broad range of backgrounds representing entrepreneurs, public sector, NGOs and academia.
This makes the Virtual Island Summit a unique opportunity to build “digital bridges” between some of the world’s most remote locations and break down some of the silos that can impede change. The Virtual Island Summit is a catalyst for action.
– James Ellsmoor, Director of Island Innovation

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