Reforestation Hubs: This initiative can give city trees a second life

Reforestation Hubs: This initiative can give city trees a second life
If, as the article states, city life is not healthy for trees, what effect does city life have on Homo Sapiens and other animal species?
Rather than repurposing dead city trees into furniture and other useful city infrastructure we should be looking for ways and means to make our cities more conducive to life of all species.
As the article states the city is a difficult place for a tree to survive. Compared to their counterparts in the countryside, urban trees generally get less water, suffer more intense heat, compete for space with unyielding infrastructure and frequently become riddled with disease and pests.
Recently, a theoretical construct called *One Health* has emerged from discussions within public health circles. We know that human health is not just the absence of sickness but the presence of wellness in its many dimensions. *Sonia Shah*, an investigative journalist and the author of *The Next Great Migration: The Beauty and Terror of Life on the Move*, says that our health is connected to the health of livestock, wildlife, and ecosystems. And so, if we think of human health that way, then it’s not just an issue for biomedical experts. It’s not just an issue for drug companies to come up with new medicines and new vaccines for us. What we have to do to create good health is to make sure that our livestock are healthy, to make sure that our wildlife and ecosystems are healthy. Every act we take to support a healthy outlook builds both healthier bodies for ourselves and a healthier planet. Hopefully, we will be able to tell our grandchildren of a time when many thought the pandemic was an enormous problem, but others knew there was a bigger one that our generation decided to solve, and did. We solved our problem of separation.

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