Stunning Snapshot of Caribbean Coral Reefs from Space


See pic: Beautiful snapshot of Caribbean coral reefs from space

Tim Kopra, NASA astronaut, yet again mesmerized his followers with his latest tweet of a beautiful image of Caribbean coral reefs from space.

Coral reefs are the main victims of sudden climate change. They are vanishing at an alarming rate due to ocean acidification and global warming.

Being a guardian of the marine ecosystem, they provide protective shelter for different species of fish and regulate the balance of carbon dioxide in the ocean.

But the future is not looking bright for this diverse underwater ecosystem. Many environmentalists fear that these beautiful coral reefs could vanish in under a generation.

The picture shared by Tim Kopra should therefore not only offer great aesthetic pleasure, but also compel us to save the coral cover as a matter of urgency.

Credit: Zee News - edited by CC for accuracy.

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