Climate Change is making small islands more arid. What does this mean for food and water security?


Climate Change is Drying up Small Islands, Study Finds Photo Credit: Getty Images

A new study predicts that 73% of islands will become substantially more arid by mid century, up from an estimate of 50 percent.

From the Caribbean to Easter Island to Hawaii, a majority of islands are facing a risk of drying up due to climate change. New research estimates that the small islands in the Caribbean, Pacific and Atlantic will become substantially more arid by mid century.

Previous analysis suggested that almost half of all small islands will become drier with the rising temperatures and increased water evaporation, but the latest research predicts that the ratio is much higher than initially estimated. Almost 73% of islands are at risk of drying out, meaning local residents are likely to face increased freshwater scarcity, less agricultural production, vegetation and wildlife and threats to infrastructure that maintains the unique ecosystems of those islands.

“Islands are already dealing with sea…

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