Israel intensifies bombardment on Gaza

Gilgit-Baltistan Times

Palestinians told to evacuate their homes as the Israeli offensive claims more than 200 people and injures 1500 others.

Residents Zeitoun were seen walking in the streets, carrying their belongings as they tried to evacuate [AP]
Gaza City – The Israeli army intensified its bombing of Gaza on Wednesday, hitting the homes of senior Hamas leaders and carrying out more than 50 airstrikes in a heavily-populated area in the northern strip.

The death toll climbed to 220 people, according to Palestinian medical officials, including 47 children. On Wednesday, four children were killed by naval shelling on a beach.

More than 1,500 people have been injured. One in five of those killed so far have been children, the NGO Save the Children said on Wednesday, and the vast majority were civilians, according to the United Nations.

The army also bombed the houses of several senior Hamas leaders, including Mahmoud al-Zahar.


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