The Far West – The Movie

The Far West:  The Movie
The movie, THE FAR WEST has been posted on La Coalicion De Taos’s website,  This very important and beautiful movie reveals just how pervasive the false narrative – the lie – about the history of Taos and  Indigenous and Mexican America really is.  
The conquest of the west is almost the face of America, and in the present day the actual west where we are told how brave cowboys fought off the Indians – instantly the images come to mind – a false narrative, basically a lie, has become truth through sheer repetition.  This beautiful, deeply authentic and actually shocking movie dismantles that false myth.  You will never un-see this movie or forget the truth it unveils!”
In order to orient yourself intelligently, in order to know where to step before you put your foot in it, if you want to understand your environment and why people here act they way they do – watch this film!
This showing is the first in a series of talks designed to educate ourselves, newcomers, the non-profits and our youth about the history of this wonderful place where we live, where the intensity of our famous, incandescent light balances the deep wounds of history, the darkness of our shadow.
                  [La Coalicion De Taos]

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