Launching the search for the Gretas of the future

Wanted: creative, innovative young minds who want to tackle the big problems facing the planet.

Whether a science genius, a chess prodigy or an advocate for a global cause, you must have the desire to serve others, and be aged 15 to 17.
A new global talent search for exceptional young leaders, inspired by teenage movers and shakers, such as Greta Thunberg, has been launched.
It is backed by the philanthropists Wendy and Eric Schmidt.
They hope to engage tomorrow’s leaders, by providing education and opportunities for them to identify problems, solutions, and ways they can work together, “for a lifetime in the service of humanity”, said Wendy Schmidt.
Young people are desperate to find ways to change the world and to create a new one that may look different, but they don’t always know how, added Eric Braverman, chief executive of Schmidt Futures.
“We have challenges relating to climate, to the benefits of economic development, to healthcare, as we can all see, all around the world, and we think to get the best solutions for the planet, you have to bet on exceptional people, you have to bet on human ingenuity and you have to do it early, and globally, and over and over again for a long time,” he explained.  Read More

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