I Live On An Island And I cannot See The Ocean

I Live On An Island and I Cannot See The Ocean 

I am an islander. A multi-generational islander. I was born on a very small island (23 square miles), I grew up on a medium sized island and have lived most of my life on a third island, Grand Cayman in the Cayman Island.

I woke up this morning and could hear the ocean roaring, calling to me, with a a loud voice of seas left behind by Hurricane Delta, which passed us yesterday. 

As I drove down the West Bay Road I would have enjoyed being able to see the state of the ocean with the waves rolling in, and changing its color, as it always does to,  to a wonderful light turquoise. 

Unfortunately, with all the hotels and condominiums that have been constructed over the last thirty years the ocean is invisible. 

In other islands, such as Hawaii, visitor accommodation has been sited on the landward side of the coast road allowing those of us who live on islands to enjoy the beauty of our homes. However, our leadership caters only to the developers and never to to those of us who are citizens.

Do we have a problem? Are citizens being overlooked by leaders concerned solely with Gross Domestic Product (GDP,) which is great for developers who are also given massive import duty consessions. We must ask the question ‘Who are we developing for?’.

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