From the Economist: Foreign AID Foodchain

Potter's Weal

So the little NGOs get eaten up by the mega-international NGOs like The Nature Conservancy, WWF, etc. . .  and THEY get displaced by the international consultants.

. . . . . and everything just keeps getting better and better. . . .

from the print edition of The Economistfor May 6 to 12th, 2017: <>

Doing good and doing well — A growing share of aid is spent by private firms, not charities

But they need to diversify

“THE gold rush is on!” That is how a cable from the American ambassador to Haiti described the descent of foreign firms upon Port-au-Prince in early 2010. An earthquake had flattened the city and killed hundreds of thousands. But a deluge of aid presented an opportunity. The message, released by WikiLeaks, noted that AshBritt, a Florida-based disaster-recovery firm, was trying to sell a scheme to restore government buildings…

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