The documents being downloaded about Climate Change in CARICOM States


For the month of July 2016, a total of 33,665 documents were retrieved from the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre’s (CCCCC) Regional Clearinghouse. A list of the top 20 documents are listed in the table below. If you would like to research and read other documents from CARICOM member states visit the CCCCC’s Clearinghouse.


The Regional Clearinghouse is an extensive repository of Caribbean specific information on climate change and information exchange system for climate resilient decision-making.

It helps users to:

  • search, access, request and contribute digital documents, project reports and scholarly articles related to climate change in the Caribbean
  • View climate projections by country
  • Search the CCCCC hardcopy and CD library
  • Access the 2011 Regional Project Stock Take
  • Learn more

By using the Clearinghouse Search, decision makers and practitioners will be able to retrieve, request, contribute  and exchange information and data on climate change in the region.

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