The Collapse of Marine Food Web is Underway

Kevin Hester


20 years ago I dived the Great barrier Reef for the first of dozens of times. Whilst in Cairns I attended a diving seminar focused on the GBR. The fantastic Irish marine biologist conducting the seminar suggested we all congratulate each other for being the last generation to dive the GBR before it died.

What he didn’t explain thoroughly, is that the reef systems are the incubator of the oceans and represent beginning of the marine food web. That web is unraveling rapidly in a nonlinear, exponential manner.  A full 90% of the planets oxygen is produced by the flora and fauna in the oceans and the bulk of the planets protein emanates from them. This will soon collapse and there will be no more food nor oxygen coming from those oceans, chaos, death and suffering will prevail on a planetary level.

Runaway abrupt climate change will extinguish most, if…

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