5Cs Daily Tip: Green Product Certification



The terms “green” or “sustainable” often refer to products, services or practices that allow for economic development while conserving for future generations. A green product is one that has less of an environmental impact or is less detrimental to human health than the traditional product equivalent. While on the topic of defining a green product, you must realize that almost no product will ever be 100% “green,” since all product development will have some impact on the surrounding environment.

When looking for green products, look for the certification labeling, if that is not on the product then keep on walking. Over the next few days, we will feature the most common certification labels and their meaning.

Green Seal Green Seal

Green Seal Certification ensures that a product meets rigorous, science-based leadership standards.  It is a lifecycle assessment based labeling program for building products, green operations and maintenance procedures.  A green seal…

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