A Tool for Reef Recovery: Six Eastern Caribbean countries launch region’s first coral reef report cards


world oceans day 2016

On June 8th, as the world celebrates World Ocean’s Day, six Eastern Caribbean countries mark their commitment to preserving the region’s extraordinary marine ecosystems by launching the first Eastern Caribbean coral reef report cards.

Coral reefs are home to over 25 percent of all marine species, protect the shore from waves and storms, and create tourism opportunities. Despite their economic and environmental importance, it is difficult to understand their health and status without searching through complex data or becoming a regular diver.

The Nature Conservancy combined existing data, collected by regional and international scientists, to create individual report cards for six countries. The report cards not only provide information on coral reefs, but also assess mangrove and seagrass habitats, as well as management strategies to improve these ecosystems. They are a concise, visual and easy-to-understand tool designed to be accessible for audiences from students up to the policy…

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