Dancing through the Diaspora: Black Resistance and Bermuda’s Gombeys


This blog post is reformatted from an essay that was submitted as part of my academic coursework for “GNDS 312—Black Feminist Thought” at Queen’s University, Canada in April 2016. 

n.b. It is a regrettable omission that I have failed to include the research of Louise A. Jackson, whose 1987 book The Bermuda Gombey: Bermuda’s Unique Dance Heritage represents an invaluable contribution to Bermuda’s cultural and academic heritage. Alas, it was not at my university’s library; I shall donate a copy to recompense for my omission.

fa451c7d8468b376eec6500e96cf7511Picture this: It is a warm midsummer Wednesday evening, and you are standing in the centre of Front Street in Hamilton, the capital city of Bermuda. Front Street is closed to vehicular traffic for Harbour Nights, a weekly street market of junk food, inflatable playgrounds, and Bermudian vendors of kitsch and craft; it is a staple in the island’s tourist calendar, organized annually by the Bermuda…

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