Economic Impact of Climate Change Concerns IDB


The adverse economic impacts of climate change on Latin American – and especially Caribbean – countries will be a central issue at the Inter-American Development Bank’s annual meeting, which gets under way next week in the Bahamas.

During that gathering, which will take place from April 6-10 in Nassau, the IDB governors will debate a resolution to double the volume of the bank’s climate-related financing between 2016 and 2020.

The IDB also will hold a session titled “Natural Capital, Climate Change and the Future of Coastal Cities” that Michele Lemay, the bank’s lead natural resources specialist, said would be a “wake-up call” aimed at alerting the region to the major economic and social difficulties it faces.

Last October, the IDB announced the goal of doubling the volume of its climate-related financing by 2020.

That would mean increasing its financing for climate-related projects from a yearly average of 14 percent between…

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