Historical representation of 5Cs at Paris Climate Change Talks (repost)


The Caribbean Community Climate Change Center (CCCCC) attended the 21st Conference of the Parties held in Paris, France this week.

The team of delegates was led by the executive director of CCCCC, Dr. Kenrick Leslie. Deputy Director and Science Advisor of CCCCC, Carlos Fuller represented Belize at the convention.

The convention finished on Saturday night after overtime deliberations by the French Presidency of the COP, where they crafted an agreement compatible with all parties involved. One of the key interests of CCCCC is that the convention will be directed by scientific research.

CCCCC was instrumental to ensure that the Caribbean region was well represented at the convention and prepared to engage in negotiations regarding what climate change issues mean to the region. With assistance from various partners, the center formatted a Declaration on Climate Change which was adopted by the CARICOM Heads of Government and was the blueprint for the region’s position…

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