Female Farmers strive to Combat Climate Change in the Caribbean



In the Caribbean, some women find themselves on the frontline with the battle to mitigate climate change. Meet Dr. Krystal Cox. She is one of three  girls who all studied medicine and got medical degrees.

Unlike her two siblings who stayed in the medical profession, Cox, 32, is working in a different field. She works on her father’s farm tackling a different kind of threat than sickness and disease.

Having spent almost all of her life on the farm, Cox has seen first-hand the effects of climate change, something she describes as “a serious issue” which people don’t talk about enough and which requires more resources.

“This year it was a very bad drought and there were lots of crops and no irrigation in the area where they were planted,” she explained.

“When we realised that the drought was getting very serious we tried our best to get irrigation around…

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