America Has Lost Its Way

The Contrary Perspective

It still waves, but for how long? It still waves, but for how long?

By Graciela Huth.  Introduction by Michael Murry.

Graciela (Grace) Huth calls herself “an old woman.” She says that she writes as a form of therapy, “to unload my anger and avoid having a stroke due to what is going on today in the USA.” Yet her long life of good citizenship and community activism testify to a youthful spirit that cannot rest content with mere complaint but must somehow find a way to change the world for the better. Her long years of down-to-earth experience infuse her writing with directness and simplicity. If this is “old,” then, indeed, “youth is wasted on the young.”  Michael Murry

America Has Lost Its Way

Graciela Huth

I am an old woman. Nowadays I feel that all my life I have been not a citizen but a serf of the USA. I worked all my…

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