The Heat Is On: Global Warming and the Caribbean


Caribbean countries are only too familiar with the ravages of climate change. Hurricanes yearly batter shores, floods wreak havoc and harvests wither. And the pace of global warming seems to quicken with every passing season.

“The potential threat is severe,” says Dr Mark Bynoe, an environmental economist whose research is funded by the Commonwealth Secretariat, pointing to a projected rise in global temperature of at least two degrees Celsius within this century.

“With a one-degree increase we could get a three- to six-foot rise in sea levels,” says Bynoe. “In a country like Guyana, where 90 per cent of the populace live on land that is as much as six feet below sea level, the impacts are unimaginable.”

Just as the effects of climate change are varied, manifested in sun-scorched crops or devastating tornadoes, so too the options for mitigating or adapting to change are wide-ranging – provided you have…

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