The Environment Will Be Fine, It’s Us We Should Be Worried About

A fresh perspective on the Cayman Islands environment by a talented young writer. Well worth reading.


Many people often dismiss environmentalism as some tree-hugger ideal that dismisses the needs of people. We’ve seen as much in recent discussions concerning the marina development in the Brac. A number of people have argued that it is pointless and, indeed, selfish on the part of conservationists who point to the protected status of the pond to stop it. How can these privileged liberals fight this stinking, vile hole in the ground which, they argue, prevents development in the Brac and the alleviation of their economic woes?

Both sides, however, are correct to a degree. The concerns that dredging that area will leave the Brac and its population vulnerable to the wrath of storm are entirely valid. That the developers are reluctant to prove otherwise is what is really concerning. As it is now, if another storm were to fall upon the Brac and create greater destruction than Paloma did not…

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